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Anxiety that overwhelms you or never leaves indicates a mental health disorder. If you have severe anxiety, the clinical team at Nurocoach can help. Nurocoach has an office in Houston, Texas, as well as access to a nationwide network of highly skilled therapists via telehealth. They can assess you for anxiety disorders and provide comprehensive care to help you get relief. To benefit from expert anxiety treatment, call Nurocoach and schedule a consultation or book an appointment online today.


Questions and Answers

Anxiety is the emotion you feel when under stress, worried, or afraid. The hormones your body releases when you’re anxious help to prepare you so you can protect yourself from danger (the fight-or-flight response).

Occasionally feeling anxiety about things like interviews, exams, or performing in front of people is normal; it helps you do better by sharpening your responses. However, constantly feeling extreme anxiety or being overwhelmed is unhealthy and indicates an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety disorders can lead to panic attacks, where your fear becomes so severe you can’t function. You might tremble, sweat excessively, cry or scream, have a pounding heart, or be unable to move or speak. Severe attacks can cause chest pain and breathing difficulties, not unlike a heart attack.

The most common form of this condition is generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). No one thing triggers anxiety when you have GAD. Instead, anything and everything, from choosing what to wear to hearing the national news, causes stress and worry.

With GAD, you feel anxious all or most of the time to the degree that interferes with everyday life. Your worries and fears may become so severe that you find it difficult or even impossible to function and may be unable to work or leave your home.

A phobia is a more specific form of anxiety disorder where you have an extreme fear of a place, object, or experience that fills you with terror. Common phobias include confined spaces, heights, flying, snakes, and spiders. Social anxiety disorder is a phobia where the trigger is being around other people.

The Nurocoach team offers comprehensive treatment for anxiety tailored to each patient’s needs. The approaches they use include:


Anti-anxiety medicines can help calm severe anxiety by adjusting chemical imbalances in your brain. These drugs reduce the worst of your anxiety so that you can benefit from longer-term treatments like therapy.

Talk therapy

Your Nurocoach provider can use different kinds of talk therapy to help with anxiety. Interpersonal psychotherapy looks at what might be causing your anxiety and deals with it. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) shows you how to challenge flawed thinking and cope with anxiety triggers in everyday life.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)

TMS uses magnetic energy to painlessly treat the areas of your brain where disorders like anxiety and depression develop.

To find the right therapies for your anxiety, call Nurocoach today or book a telehealth appointment online.